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We Do Good Stuff.


CSz Richmond enriches lives and fosters lasting relationships within our community by creating and providing professional and positive improv education, training, and entertainment through collaboration, inspiration, gratitude, and fun.

With great improv comes great responsibility.


CSz Richmond believes that the power of laughter goes well beyond entertainment. Laughter heals. It helps us get through our challenges, brings us together and has actual health benefits like relieving stress and even helping to prevent heart disease.

And improv teaches us so many life lessons that go well beyond the stage. Students of improv learn self confidence, personal presence, spontaneity, how to work well with others on a team, how to accept mistakes in order to move forward and so much more.

At CSz Richmond, our goal is to bring the lessons of laughter and improv to as many people as possible. Scroll down to see all the Good Stuff we're up to!

Because our comedy is FOR EVERYONE.


CSz Richmond is committed to increasing access and inclusion for our community’s children and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and other sensory, social, and cognitive disabilities. We've introduced a specially formatted version of our main production ComedySportz®, custom designed for those who may have some additional needs related to sensory issues. CLICK HERE to find out more!

Going bald and laughing at cancer.

Every year since 2008, CSz Richmond and its affiliates have teamed up with the St. Baldrick's Foundation to help conquer childhood cancer. We have a special ComedySportz® match to honor local kids who are currently battling cancer, where players and Loyal Fans alike line up afterwards to shave their heads in solidarity with those in treatment. The night is full of hilarious energy and laughter for everyone, and it's always standing room only.

We're proud to have raised OVER $100,000 for the St. Baldrick's Foundation since our first match, and are very excited to continue the tradition in the years to come!

Thumbs up means making it better.


Speaking of childhood cancers, the local charity CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation (CJSTUF) is a wonderful organization providing direct support to the families of Richmond area children during the most challenging times of cancer treatment. CSz Richmond is honored to have a continuing relationship with CJSTUF, starting with a special ComedySportz® fundraising match a few years ago and continuing to this day in many ways. Look for CJSTUF at our special events, such as Festivus or the Tournament of Northern Aggression, selling adult beverages with 100% of the proceeds going to their foundation and directly benefitting local families.

Bringing smiles where they are needed most​


In 2016, we partnered with VCU in a grant funded program to help bring the lessons of improv to the caregivers of people living with dementia. CSz Richmond developed the curriculum for a multi-session workshop that was designed to help both professional caregivers in their daily jobs as well as family members who have found themselves in the role of the primary caregiver for their loved one. Our team included both medical professionals from VCU and the CSz Worldwide certified trainers Dave Gau & Christine Walters, working with the group in learning how the skills of improv can greatly enhance communication and success with people struggling with dementia and Alzheimers. 

The clinical results were overwhelmingly positive, and CSz Richmond is continuing this relationship as we explore the next steps in expanding this program to reach a wider audience in more locations.

Vision is more than just eyesight.


We were thrilled to have been contracted by the Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired to work with their high school aged students over the last few Summers. Our program was designed to help bring positivity and self-confidence to a group facing a significant challenge in their daily lives. The students were simply phenomenal, going through the games and exercises with joy, and breaking through barriers many had never even dreamed of crossing before.

And the learning most definitely went both ways, as our instructors raved about the most incredible experience of their entire improv careers. The series was capped off with the group at a ComedySportz® match, where several new stars were born.

We're always looking to do more good stuff.


Maybe we can help your non-profit group with some event entertainment, or by offering some improv training to specifically benefit the needs of your group, or by partnering with you for a fundraising event at our theater. Send us a message in the form below and let us know what your group needs. We'll be back in touch quickly to work with you in finding a way to do good for our community.

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