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Major League Head Coach

Reports to Artistic Director


The Major League Head Coach is the person energized to inspire and develop the Major League. They have demonstrated leadership experience, and the ability to maintain the respect of the troupe while striving for excellence and professional production standards.


  • Schedule, lead, and attend weekly ComedySportz Major League practices

  • Regularly observe ComedySportz matches 

  • Recruit additional qualified Major League players to serve on the Major League roster if needed, in consultation with the Artistic Director

  • Coach individual players to nurture performer growth, and offer direct feedback and evaluations at least annually

  • Be proficient in and able to train staff across all performer positions, including referee, announcer, captains, jumbotron, and tech

  • Respond to player feedback in a timely manner and effectively communicate expectations

  • Maintain regular communication with DEI committee to ensure accessibility and inclusion at every decision point

  • Communicate with troupe members outside of practices via weekly email updates

  • Provide actionable performance notes and feedback to Major League Players

  • Ensures ComedySportz Matches are consistent with the vision of the Artistic Director & in compliance with the CSz Worldwide guidelines

  • Ensures player compliance with Code of Conduct and escalates concerns through the proper chain of command

  • Is proficient in theater’s employee and performer scheduling software and schedules  players for all ComedySportz matches



  • Minimum three years experience in ComedySportz Major League, with at least two years as a player with CSz Richmond.

  • Experienced member of the Major League Teaching Team  or in leading improv workshops or practices for diverse groups of improv students

  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities in other aspects of CSz Richmond during time of association

  • Ability to moderate challenging situations and issues

  • Undergo a background check

Theater Box Office

We are looking for a responsible and outgoing individual to help in our box office and concessions areas at our theater. Our ideal candidate enjoys interacting with customers, has retail experience, and is enthusiastic about the CSz Richmond Theater and all that we do.



  • Greet and assist customers as a representative of CSz Richmond, consistently displaying our values of Collaboration, Inspiration, Gratitude and Fun

  • Effectively and accurately operate the Square Register POS system at the CSz Richmond Theater, including opening and closing registers

  • Maintain an up-to-date reservations and ticket log through online, phone and walk-in tracking

  • Monitor and track discounted passes and other special admittance arrangements

  • Abide by Virginia ABC laws and CSz Richmond policies when working our concessions and bar area to accurately, safely, and legally serve patrons in the sales of beer, wine and other concessions

  • Serve as a ComedySportz House Manager when needed, helping to keep track of the score during the match and writing audience suggestions on the white board

  • Communicate effectively and in a timely manner with the Box Office Manager regarding scheduling or other needs

Hours and Compensation

  • Part-time position of typically 3-24 hours per month

  • During theater show times

  • $36/show



  • Age 21+

  • Must provide own transportation


  • Prior experience with point-of-sale registers preferred but not required

  • Strong communication skills

  • Punctual and reliable

CSz Richmond Theater | Yes Balloon Board of Directors


The Yes Balloon Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the mission and purpose of the organization. Its duties include participation in strategic planning, securing the financing, and monitoring of the execution. Members must be willing to attend the requisite meetings, follow through on commitments, and participate fully in the decision-making process.

The Board also presents the organization’s image to the community and solicits support in achieving Yes Balloon’s goals. A Board of Directors member term is 2 years.

Fiduciary Responsibility

  • Review revenues and expenses on a quarterly basis to ensure the mission of the organization is being upheld.

  • Participate in strategic planning and the setting of long-term goals.

Legal Requirements

  • Act on behalf of the organization and its interests, putting aside personal concerns, affiliations, or constituencies.

  • Set procedures and policies to ensure that any affiliate is organized and administered in a manner that is in compliance with applicable law.


  • Promote Yes Balloon’s mission to increase visibility and encourage financial support for the organization. This can include participating in fundraising events, stewarding donors, and/or sharing your personal story of involvement within your networks.


Fundraising Commitment

  • Each board member will be responsible for giving and/or getting a total of $500 annually, composed of a personal gift and either donations from their network or supplemental funds from their own charitable dollars.

  • Be willing to make introductions to new networks, corporate sponsors, foundations, and helpful individuals.


  • Hire the executive director and review performance annually.

  • Source and hire contract staff as necessary.

  • Be willing to use individual expertise to assist in staff organization and development.



  • Attend scheduled board meetings each year in person.

  • Participate in Board email discussions and votes within the timeline specified for each action, or appoint in writing a proxy as appropriate.

  • Assist in selecting new board members who will help the organization achieve its goals.

  • Actively participate in annual board self-evaluation.

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