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ComedySportz  Richmond Tryouts

We're looking for comedians who are excellent team players to join our ComedySportz® Richmond Major League team. Improv or theater experience helpful, but not required. Come prepared to move, play, and laugh. No monologues or songs necessary. 

About the tryouts:

WHERE: CSz Richmond Theater, 8906 W Broad St. Registration is required for attendance. 

WHO CAN TRY OUT? Tryouts are open to anyone 18 and older at the time of tryouts. Improv comedy experience, education, or background is helpful, but not required.  The CSz Richmond Theater is an inclusive place, and we value players of all ability, age, ethnicity, gender and gender expression, race, religion, or sexual orientation. 

HOW DO I PREPARE?  Start by filling out the form below so we can schedule a time slot for you.  Come in clothes that you’re able to move in.  If you've never seen a ComedySportz® match before, we highly recommend taking one in before tryouts.  You can get tickets HERE!

THE TRYOUTS: Plan to arrive at the theater ten minutes before your scheduled time.  We'll warm up and play improv games together for about an hour, trying a variety of games. Our hope is that this will be the most fun you've ever had in any audition situation! 

COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS: Masks are welcomed, but not required.  Please do not attend tryouts if you have COVID-19 symptoms or if you tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 5 days.

About the Major League

REGULAR PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES: Major League performers are eligible to play in weekly ComedySportz matches. They are also eligible for paid performance opportunities for private or off-site ComedySportz® matches.

STRIVING FOR GROWTH: At CSz Richmond, new Major League players obtain Provisional status for 12 weeks with a check in at 6 weeks for play eligibility. Provisional players enjoy all of the benefits of being in the Major League, including regular performance and teaching opportunities, access to one-of-a-kind workshops, and participation in the CSz Worldwide organization. 

TIME COMMITMENT: In addition to scheduled matches, Major League practices (rehearses) once a week for 2 hours on Tuesday evenings. Players are expected to attend 2 out of 4 monthly practices and be available for at least one match per quarter.

A WORLDWIDE NETWORK: CSz Richmond is part of CSz Worldwide, a network of improvisers who perform ComedySportz® around the globe. Major League players from Richmond often travel and connect with Major League players from other cities, making friends and strengthening their improv skills. Once a year, Major League players are eligible to attend CComedySportz® World Championship to learn and perform with their fellow Worldwide members.

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