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Bald as a Yes Balloon

Two children with shaved heads

© St. Baldrick's Foundation

Twelve years ago when ComedySportz® Richmond player Jenny Walters showed up bald, Artistic Director Dave Gau asked why she had shaved her head. Jenny told Dave about her participation in a charity event for The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising money for lifesaving childhood cancer research. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is powered by donors and volunteers and it funds more in childhood cancer grants than any organization except for the U.S. government.

Child cancer comapred to adult cancer infographic

The next year, CSz Richmond hosted its first volunteer head-shaving event. Since then, we’ve helped raise more than $100,000 for St Baldrick’s. Eventually, CSz started hosting the annual events at the theater, enabling loyal fans to join in and become part of the fun. Any ComedySportz® match is a chance to escape reality to a world of laughter. Our charity event celebrates the resilience of the children who have survived cancer and those still traveling their path to remission. It’s a night of excitement joy that will make your “sideburn” with laughter and all for a great cause.

There are other St. Baldrick's events around Richmond but CSz Richmond’s event is the only one to integrate the fundraiser into a comedy performance. Normally folks raise money in exchange for having their heads shaved but CSz combs in a manbun of fun.

Child cancer statistic infographic

Each year, Richmond institution Jonathan the Juggler donates his time to kick off the event with a little pre-match entertainment. The “mane” event, a ComedySportz® match, follows but with a few unique twists. Whenever a player loses a game they get to have a bit of their head shaved. Then, any Loyal Fan can make an on-the-spot donation to see that player have even more hair shaved or even switch up the game while it is being played. A Loyal Fan willing to part with some money might even ask a player sing their way through a scene.

After the match, the serious shaving starts. Players from CSz’s various leagues let loose their locks with the help of Master Barber, Ron Holmes.

Join us as two teams of improv heavyweights battle it out for points and laughs in a comedy match with raised stakes - somebody's going home bald, INCLUDING a whole bunch of Loyal Fans! There are four ways to support the cause:

  1. Come and watch the show:

  2. Shave your head with us. Visit our event page on the St. Baldrick's website to sign up! and click on JOIN US!

  3. Get your co-workers to join you and challenge your competition to do the same!! A friendly battle to see which company can raise the most only means more money for the kids!

  4. Donate Online: Please go online and help us raise a record-breaking amount to help fight childhood cancers. and click on DONATE.

Guy “Blue-Bellied Joe" Winterbotham has been losing hair at a gentlemanly pace at CSz Richmond since 2017.

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