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CSz BackStage with Amy Weiss

© Malerie Anderson

Amy Weiss has been a part of the ComedySportz® family since September 2015. She has recently joined the Major League and on opening night kicked off Festivus as part of team SAAB Story. We caught up with Amy to get her take on improv.

How do you normally spend your time, when not improvising with CSz?

I live in the Fan [district of Richmond] with my boyfriend Kyle [Ed: also a recent addition to the Major league roster] with our little, crazy dog [Ed: not currently a Major League player]. I like running and playing tennis. I work as an attorney to pay the bills.

Are there any specific memories that stand out from classes or workshops?

When I took my first improv classes, I was completely new to anything remotely related to theater or improv. Sarah Murphy and Christine Walters both helped me get out of my head to stop trying to plan out everything I did and have fun.

Why improv?

Because it’s fun!

Have you ever been part of another improv group?

SAAB Story along with Aaron McGuire, Bill Nieporte, and Major Leaguer Scott Ingwersen.

You can see more than the incredible ComedySportz® shows at our theater. Keep an eye out for the late night shows like the monthly Improv Arena, Richmond's only “anything goes” improv cage match. SAAB Story took it to the next level by becoming the opening act of Festivus 2017. Their show was a riotous romp through the gas station relationships of life and the tragedy of floor M&Ms.*

What is the one important thing you have learned from improv?

I’ve learned how to live in the moment, think on my feet, and engage with the people with me to react thoughtfully and honestly. All of these things have helped me better at my job and to be a better person in general.

What are your FIVE favorite things about CSz Richmond?

The people are not just talented and funny, but also welcoming and positive. I love going to the shows to laugh and learn from the best improvisers, and going to practice to learn from Scott [Ingwersen] and Susan [Scovill] with my Minor League teammates.

What has been your favorite memory as an improviser, so far?

I don’t think anything will ever be as exhilarating as the feeling of doing my first match. Also, the time SAAB Story won Improv Arena for the first time last fall was pretty awesome.

What are your FIVE favorite games?

I love Sideline Games! I wish we could play them more! I also like Tender Ballad, Try That on for Size, 5 Thingz, and any of the scene-heavy games when I can build a scene together with my teammates.

What's your improv superpower?

I think that I can take a routine scene and make it go somewhere really weird and hopefully interesting. Hopefully not too weird.

With whom would you most like to perform improv?

Amy Poehler. I love smart, funny women who aren’t afraid to be silly and physical.

What is the most absurd thing that has happened while you were on stage?

I hope that most things that happen on stage are pretty absurd. One, time, my teammates and I all ran into each other when we ran out onto the playing field. We made it into a little bit of a running gag for the rest of the match.

What advice do you have for all the improv newbies out there?

Get out of your head and have fun!

Who would you like to see profiled?

Susan Scovill

* Yes, it is next to useless trying to do a field report on an improv show. Each show is a unique experience. You just have to be there. Follow the CSz Facebook page to keep up with all the shows at CSz.

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