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Spooktacular Special

Improv actors in Halloween outfits

At ComedySportz® we like to mix it up. Last night was our annual Spooktacular. We had some strange characters take over the field for a uniquely spooky match. We sent one of our cub reporters and this is what he saw. We haven’t seen him since.

If you went to see some CSz,

T'was not a normal night.

Two teams of freaks appeared,

Prepared for a fright

Vincent Adultman first swept the stage.

He started three-kidding around.

With plastic hand and freckled smile,

The laughter was abound.

Two improv actors performing in Halloween costumes

Emperor Palpatine improv-ed with force.

His face as white as snow.

And everywhere he crept about,

The fun was sure to go.

Wonder Women lassoed laughs all night.

By puns she was impair-ed.

Then she leapt into the loyal fans.

Surely Them-is-scare-ed.

Medusa with your mane of snakes,

You scared us with you hair.

Your scenes were things of dreams,

Your visage a nightmare.

Abigail sulked past loyal fans,

Then suddenly she cackled.

With Trinity her possessed doll,

Mass hilarity she unshackled.

Candy Rapper turned the table,

On what we thought was sweet.

As players ate his costume bare,

His improv stayed on beat.

Mad Hatter magnified our laughs,

For all that he was worth.

He kept teasing us to follow him,

To wonderlands of mirth.

If you missed this Spooktacular

That’s Ok, all is fine,

But don’t miss Improv Festivus,

December, 7 through 9!

Thanks to our players, ref Theresa Burke, Dave Gau, Jen Krisch, Jen Lewis, Sarah Murphy, Kelly Scruggs, James Wasilewski and Rob "The Voice of Doom" Hoffmann for making it an extra Special Spooktacular!

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