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CSz Richmond Theater • SPRING 2020 Improv Classes


Improv is more than just a performance tool. It teaches you life skills that are valuable well beyond the stage. 

It's time to get out of your head and bring laughter into every aspect of your life! Our introductory through advanced workshops emphasize basic improvisational skills by exploring spontaneity, staying in the moment, teamwork, risk-taking, storytelling, creating characters, and other fun stuff in a relaxed and supportive environment.  


We're the oldest improv training facility in Central Virginia, teaching skills to students and businesses since 1996. And our professional CSz Richmond facilitators connect with the worldwide CSz network of training centers, in 30 cities internationally and growing. From kids to business professionals, come play with us and see why everybody's talking about CSz Richmond!


Please note that in response to the current COVID-19 restrictions, and in an effort to make sure we are doing our part to keep all members of our community healthy and safe, our Spring classes will be delayed. We will update this page with more information as soon as we are able to determine the best time to reschedule our training opportunities.



Want to try this whole "improv" thing but are afraid of committing to an entire 8-week class? Then come try it out for FREE!! We're offering a free 2-hour Improv Basics class for the commitment-phobic. Come play with us and a bunch of other people just as curious as you. You still need to register so we know you're coming, but otherwise it's totally no strings attached. Yes, AND!

Ages 18 and up, please!

LOCATION: CSz Richmond Theater

Monday, April 13th, 2020

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


For Adults 18 years and older




For Adults - Spring 2020

Improve your presentation skills. Get better at one on one interactions. Learn the secrets of amazing teamwork. Sharpen your ability to listen and respond. Have ridiculous amounts of fun! Think you're too old? It's never too late to discover the improv basics. Let us help you learn the on-stage skills that you can take with you every day no matter what you do! Hilarious fun that's incredibly practical!

LOCATION: CSz Richmond Training Center

Mondays  April 20 - June 15, 2020

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

No class on Memorial Day (May 25)

Showcase: June 22, 7:30 PM


For Adults 18 years and older

8 Weeks  •  $180  


Christine is the founder of ComedySportz Richmond and has been training improvisers for over 24 years! She is a Certified Executive Level Applied Improv Trainer with CSz Worldwide, and is known for being the architect of our summer camps and her work with dementia caregivers and the vision impaired. 



For Adults - Spring 2020

Couldn't get enough the first time around? Join us for the next level of improv as we build on the basic skills you've already learned! Build on your characters and relationships, sharpen your object work, increase your storytelling ability, listening and communication skills, and even work on some rap & singing techniques!  PREREQUISITE: Improv 101 class at CSz Richmond or equivalent training elsewhere.

LOCATION: CSz Richmond Training Center

Wednesdays  April 15 - June 3, 2019

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Showcase: June 10, 7:30 PM


For Adults 18 years and older

8 Weeks  •  $180  


Theresa has been a major league ComedySportz player since 2009. They have a Master’s degree in education and have been teaching since 2012. They have taught and performed improv all over the country, including Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Buffalo, NY, and of course, Richmond, VA.



For Adults - Spring 2020

Leveling up: Stagecraft and Presence


The journey continues. Join us for the third level in your improv journey. Picking up where you left off from 201, we build upon your skills and give them that stage polish. Students will work on combining their storytelling, character, and listening skills into a focus on audience performance.  Learn key games/aspects of ComedySportz & short form improv, including 5 things and starting the journey on musical improv. Come get ready for your time in the spotlight!

PREREQUISITE: Improv 201 class at CSz Richmond or equivalent training elsewhere.

LOCATION: CSz Richmond Theater

Wednesdays  April 22 - June 10, 2020

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Showcase: June 17, 7:30 PM


For Adults 18 years and older

8 Weeks  •  $180  


Rachel has been a Major League performer with CSzRVA since 2005. She has worked the last 8 years teaching improv to all ages in the D.C. area, and performing across the country. Rachel is our Access Coordinator, producing our sensory friendly matches & teaching improv to those on the Autism spectrum.




For Ages 13-19 - SPRING 2020

This 4-week class will explore the world of improv, structured to support those who are along the Autism Spectrum. Classes will focus on ensemble and team building to help with the exploration of different relationships and social cues. Through a variety of fun exercises and games, students will learn about the art of improvisation. We build the fun and comedy all without a script in hand! This is a chance to stretch the brain and grow flexibility in a relaxed environment. Curious if this class is right for your student? Contact Rachel, our accessibility coordinator and course teacher, at

LOCATION: CSz Richmond Training Center

Saturdays  April 11 - May 2, 2020

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


For anyone on the Autism Spectrum Ages 13-19

4 Weeks  •  $90  


Rachel Garmon has been performing improv for 15 years and teaching for 8 years. She has been active in the autism community in the DC area teaching classes and workshops for those along the autism spectrum in both accessible and inclusive settings. Last year she partnered with Children’s National Hospital to do a 16 week series of Improv workshops focused on social skills. In the Richmond area she brought the first sensory friendly improv show and workshops in partnership with the Autism Society of Central Virginia.


Our High School League and Middle School League teams meet and play all year long! Find out more HERE!


Our popular SUMMER CAMPS are now online for Summer 2020! Improv and Sketch comedy opportunities for ages 9-18!

CLICK HERE to see all of the Improv Adventures your summer camper can take with us this year! It's the most fun way to spend the whole day this summer - laughing and making things up!

Our school age programs are designed to teach kids cooperation, collaboration, kindness, and creativity through the basic elements of storytelling, characters and interactive play. Our popular summer COMEDY CAMPS are when we offer the most classes for school aged kids. 


And throughout the year, we offer weekly Middle and High School League® ComedySportz® programs.  Find out more about our CSz School Leagues HERE! 


Quotes and testimonials from actual CSz Richmond Improv students

" 'Yes, And' opens up a whole

  new world of endless

  opportunity and possibilities!!"

"It's just really amazing to see someone come out of their shell and blossom before your very eyes."

"Taking a Comedysportz class is like going to funny boot camp except without the guns and uniforms."

"Improv training made me more confident with giving presentations to large groups of people."

"You support each other. You learn to share focus, which means you have each other's backs."

"It makes me feel better about myself, and it makes me feel more confident in a new situation."

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